Information has always been very critical for any business to formulate strategy, define objectives or for any vital decision-making. Now, the arrival of Internet has spawned a new economy - the virtual e - economy. With it has dawned the ICE age - age of information, communication and entertainment. As a result, the fifth P "pace" has gained a new dimension to business whether it is Information collection, knowledge centric services, or decision or strategy making. Technoinfoware products and services are aimed to achieve this objective. Our experience in the IT industry and exposure to business development enhances the ability to find optimal solutions to the problems. We focus on utilizing the inherent advantages of Information Systems Technologies combined with its business knowledge, to enable enterprises to set, measure and grow its key business areas. Some of our key strengths are:


Business Understanding

TIPL is staffed with Business Analysts who has had hands-on field experience in Sales and marketing in local as well as Multi National Companies, with domestic as well as international exposure in a wide range of industries.This helps us relate to the Customerís requirements with relative ease and hence help us deliver optimum solution to our customers.

Technology Support

TIPL would work with the client in identifying the technology platform that possesses the right mix of price and service delivery. Our IT solutions team in tandem with the Business Analysts would implement/integrate/customize solutions that are rugged, scalable and highly secure.

TIPL focuses on ensuring that the customer gets the best value at all times. This presupposes a constant review of all available resources and systems, so that we can incorporate new developments and innovations on the clientís side as well.

Methods and Approaches

Ownership of Support Services

TIPL undertakes not merely to deploy the right solution but also to support the solution. We commit to offer the best-in-class service levels at all times, and assume complete responsibility for the solution.

TIPL focuses on building relationships based on trust and quality of service, as opposed to purely delivering solutions. TIPL Solutions2BusinessTM Model is built to achieve this. Our goal is to partner with our customers in their business strategies and processes, and hence grow with them. The satisfaction of our clients and the quality of work done would drive our future and for that reason alone, every client is our business partner.

Commitment to Customers