We Integrate People, Processes, Applications and Data Sources through the value chains with right technology for the companies to increase their speed of business activities, visibility and efficiency throughout every stage of the entire value chain. This enables companies to connect seamlessly to global and local customers and engage in inter-enterprise commerce from planning and sourcing to selection, collaboration and delivery. This integration yields rapid cost savings, process optimization, and ultimately a faster return on investment.

Technoinfoware India offerings currently focuses on the following areas of corporate pyramid.


Our offering also include SMS Enable the applications -

  • To send out SMS Alerts, and Query the application for critical business information.
  • Web solutions - Web Designing with conceptual branding and positioning & Web Enabled business solutions (e-business and e-commerce).

The above solutions will be implemented through in-house team or through strategic partners, who are currently experts in their areas. TII believes in integrating people, processes and technology to deliver innovative solutions that focus on Total Cost of Ownership, Return of Investment and bottom-line financial objectives.