Directio 3.0 is a comprehensive Sales Force Management tool, functionally designed for the "manufacturer - distributor - consumer" model of businesses, where the end customers or the consumers are faceless.

In this process of sales, where the end customer profile is unavailable, the market is analyzed as segments and their behavior. It is the efficiency of the sales process that greatly influences the purchasing decision of the end customer or consumer.

Directio 3.0 thus checkmates competition by aligning activities of sales team, warehouses, distributors/dealers and retailers with the sales & marketing strategies and goals of an organization and provides process visibility for effective control systems



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Key Features

  • Align sales plan to distribution and collections.

  • Identify key business drivers, market wise to increase market share.

  • Key performance Metrics Management

  • Capability to manage demand for multiple and complex SKU hierarchies

  • Web based communication from remote locations.

  • Alerts on Mobile phone and email on mission critical information

  • Provision for standard, customized and smart reports