The Executive Objective Lens identifies your Key Success Drivers, from an organization's mission-critical information technology systems and links it to your existing systems, (including any reporting systems) through a pre-defined implementation model. It then, displays the critical information's in tabular and graphical form, as EASY TO UNDERSTAND performance indicators.
Technically, it has a defined process model for quick implementation.

  • A layered approach.
  • Provides required tools at every layer, based on your existing infrastructure.
  • Integrates to your existing systems, independent of application database and platform.
  • Implements new systems in areas vital to your business.
  • Reconciles / collaborates data between all your vital systems.
  • Flexible architecture to accommodate new systems.
  • Proven tools and technology for data collection, manipulation and reconciliation

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  • The Report Generation Layer provides you with user-friendly screens to setup your report requirements with respect to templates, formats, frequency and generates reports automatically.

  • The Report archiving tool lets you set up ways to archive your reports, providing you with advanced search facility.

  • The Communication Layer lets you easily setup ways to receive reports and your alerts for monitoring. It also helps you set up ways to communicate the reports on a regular basis.

  • The Monitoring layer is a unique feature of Executive Objective Lens that lets you monitor the format, frequency and completeness of the received reports as per your definition of these parameters. This layer can use the communication layer to alert you or identified users, on deviations, when key-progress-indicator-targets are not met, at a preset interval.

The other salient features of the Executive Objective Lens include Function Protocol Hub and Integration Toolkit. The Function Protocol Hub handles the data collection, collation, processing and transaction. The Integration Toolkit allows a simple way to integrate to your existing systems.
A user-friendly information-capturing tool can also be provided for key functionalities that are identified as key to your business success.