• Identifies your "Key Business Drivers" as per your plans from existing database and captures data that focuses on your Key Success Factors.
  • Provide regular On-line customized Reports on your Activities for your day-to-day tracking and monitoring.
  • Alerts on vital activities - events or progress levels.
  • Responds to your enquiries: E - mail or SMS enabled.


  • Proactive decisions through strategic usage of information.
  • Quick access to information and reduced dependency and errors.
  • Alerts on critical information for a faster decision making on strategic and emergency issues
  • Empowerment of top management for quick action on issues and grievances for customer satisfaction.
  • Standardized formats and methods to improve communication and progress management.
  • Automated data collection, from diverse sources, into a centralized location for more effective control and faster decision making

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Plan & Monitor: This feature assists you in to plan and benchmark your key progress parameters in a streamlined and systematic structure as per your needs customized to your choice.

  • Key Success Drivers for Policies and functions
  • Quarterly, Half-yearly and Annual Plans
  • Regular Tasks and activities.
  • Contingency plans for emergencies
  • Budget planning /projection

Measurement & Report Generation: This feature assists you in maintaining a streamlined and systematic online reporting structure as per your needs customized to your choice.

  • Personalized and intelligent reporting on progress levels
  • Auto Instant Messaging on critical factors (Online and SMS)
  • Reports / Alerts on deviations / delayed activities against plans
  • Dashboard for online status of important parameters

Analyse and Evaluate: This feature assists you in to analyze and evaluate your past performance and helps you to revise and devise your future action plans in a streamlined and systematic structure as per your needs customized to your choice.

  • Measure Performance and Progress in your focus areas.
  • Divergent as well as direct comparisons .
  • Presentation of critical information in tabular and graphical form, as EASY TO UNDERSTAND progress indicators..
  • Intelligent tips and suggestions based on rules defined by you.

Other Personalized Features: This feature assists you to plan and track your vital activities in a streamlined and systematic structure as per your individual needs customized to your choice.

  • Task and activity scheduling, including tours, meetings, conferences, etc.
  • Quick access to your vital information even while traveling abroad.
  • Fast communication on proceedings (including international) in your prescribed formats for faster decision making.
  • Instant Message Broadcast Compiler for internal communication as well as for press releases.
  • Individual initiated remote query on information.
  • Expense, fund and budget manager.