TIE Suite 3.0 Key Features:

Integration as Projects:

  • Easy setup, development and maintenance of multiple integration projects.
  • Ensures no clashes on multiple integration environments in the organization.
  • Scalability to easily include more systems in the integration environment.

Automatic Driver Creation:

  • Easy, automated creation of Java Programs called Drivers for every Project.
  • Eliminates the need for high expertise on programming.
  • Enables use of company's existing infrastructure and internal resources for running the integration project.

Database Configurator:

  • Easy Configuration of TIE Database as well as integrating database(s).
  • Easy adoption to changes in Configuration of integrating database(s) saving time and cost for maintenance.

TIE Network Controller:

  • Easy network and connection configuration to connect to required systems.
  • Easy monitoring and control of all connections.
  • Easy change of network and connection configuration based on network changes in Enterprise.
  • Easy monitoring and control of all connections.
  • Multiple options for data transfer (http tunneling / XML file transfers / java objects/ ftp / email).

TIE IDE Environment:

  • Built-in Java Programming Environment to make changes to existing drivers / create new drivers manually.
  • Easy Maintenance of driver codes.

TIE Scheduler:

  • Easy scheduling of multiple integration to Applications without programming efforts.
  • Information Exchange Sequence Controller also forms part of the TIE Scheduler.
  • Easy change of schedules of integration to Applications without Programming efforts, reducing the time and cost of maintenance.
  • Information Exchange Sequence Controller allows for change of prioritization of Information Exchange Sequence.

TIE Maintenance Environment:

  • Easy setup and monitoring of System Function Reporting and Error Logs for easy troubleshooting

TIE User Management:

  • Easy setup and role-wise authorization and permission control of users

Standards-Based Support - The TIE Suite 3.0 supports all industry adopted standards, such as J2EE, JCA, SOAP, UDDI, XML, XSLT, XA, JMS.

Support to known ERPs -TIE Suite provides automated adapter creation for integrating to known ERPs like Baan and SAP.

Support to known Databases - TIE Suite provides automated driver creation for integrating known RDBMSs like Oracle, Informix, MS SQL, DB2 and MS Access. The suite also enables seamless integration to flat files and M/F Cobol-based systems.

EDI Connectors - TIE Suite 3.0 supports EDI Data transfers allowing the customers to re-use their existing EDI templates.

Business Process Integration - TIE Suite 3.0 makes Business Process Integration a seamless reality by integrating existing Process Automation Tools as well as aids in the creation of new Process Automation Systems.